Silicone Gel Tailor’s Bunion Shield

Silicone Gel Tailor’s Bunion Shield

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These Silicone Bunion Shield with Toe Separators are ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the wearer’s foot. The shield reduces pain at the bone protuberance on the medial aspect of the big toe. It works by cushioning and protecting the toe, reducing friction between the foot and footwear and acting as a shock absorber. Gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil (USP) which softens and moisturises skin. This helps slow and decrease inflammation and irritation over the area.

Tailor's bunion, or Bunionette, is a condition caused as a result of inflammation of the fifth metatarsal bone at the base of the little toe.

It is mostly similar to a bunion (the same type of ailment affecting the big toe). It is called Tailor's Bunion because in past centuries, tailors sat cross-legged, and this was thought to cause this protrusion on the outside aspect of the foot.

It may also be known as Metatarsalgia or intractable plantar keratosis.

It is usually characterized by inflammation, pain and redness of the little toe.

Often a tailor's bunion is caused by a faulty mechanical structure of the foot. The fifth metatarsal bone starts to protrude outward, while the little toe moves inward. This change in alignment creates an enlargement on the outside of the foot.

The soft and flexible toe separators are what you need to protect and correct dislocated and overlapping toes. It is also useful for the separation of those toes that rub against each other. This helps to reduce the risk of fungal infections, and also minimises friction that can lead to painful injuries of the toes.


·         Super Soft Gel

·         One Size Fits left or right toe

·         Use – ideal for protection of the tailor's (little toe) bunion from friction and pressure

·         Comfortable toe loop slides over the great toe to hold the products in place

·         Soft flexible gel shell cushions and comforts the tender and sensitive skin and surrounding tissue

·         Alleviates Tension

·         Stretches and aligns toes

·         Straighten bent toes

·         Realign Joint

·         Washable and reusable

Used for/ideal for treating…

·         Pre and post-operative bunions

·         Corns

·         Calluses and hard skin

* Always consult a doctor




1 pair of Silicone Bunion Shield Bunion Guard Pad Cushion with Toe Separators

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