Metatarsal Pad Insoles Tear Drop Shape Splay Feet Self-Adhesive. Pair

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A splayfoot can be very painful and make life unbearable. This is because certain parts of the foot do not carry weight anymore, which cause very painful and highly unsightly calluses and pressure sores to appear.

Because of the pain, the normal rolling mechanism of the foot is disturbed and the sufferer instinctively malposition their foot causing their shoe to become crooked and bend outwardly.

If left untreated, the flattening of the forefoot and the foot's falling arch often leads to bunions (hallux valgus), and at the same time the little toe starts to point inwards.

Our splayfeet pad offers rapid relief from painful splayfoot and metatarsal head lesions by removing pressure from the area in order to help restore a normal weight bearing pattern. This helps to reduce discomfort and to relieve the foot.

The smaller surface area makes it ideal for a targeted treatment, thus reducing discomfort associated with wearing other metatarsal aids.  

How to Use:

Place pads in the shoe so that they sit just behind the toe joints.

To find the right position, place the pad inside the shoes then put on the shoes and walk around.

If the pad does not feel comfortable, reposition it and try again.

 Once it feels comfortable, remove the adhesive liner and stick the pad securely to your shoe.

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