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Tailor Bunion Two Holes Small Toe Separators Stretchers Straighteners

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SturdyFoot new designed two holes soft gel toe separators that fit comfortably between the last two toes. The separator fits around the last two toe applying a slight pressure to encourage the correct alignment of the toes. The soft gel pad helps to relieve pain caused by friction or soreness from overlapping or crooked toes. You will receive a pack of 2 separators. They can be worn on both feet left or right or just one foot and keep one as spare. They are not left/right specific.


  • Reduces toe and foot Discomfort
  • Stretches and aligns toes. Straighten bent toes
  • Realign Joint. Increase circulation
  • Improve foot strength and balance
  • Fits left or right toe
  • Sold as a pair

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