Elasticated Tennis Elbow Support/Brace with Silicone Pads

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Despite the name, Tennis elbow isn't just caused by playing tennis. It commonly manifests in a vast proportion of people who do not play tennis at all. It is caused by a strain to the extensor tendons in the forearm. Any activity that involves gripping and twisting of the forearm can cause this type of strain.

StudyFootTM elbow support uses a unique silicon innovation technology for the simple and effective treatment of injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. It combines compression, support and naturally generated body heat for therapy and pain relief of sports injuries, arthritis, repetitive strain injury (RSI), sprains and strains. The Silicon design follows the contours of the tendons and ligaments to provide additional support and compression to the elbow. This helps to cushion the muscles and gives further relief while wearing the brace.


Measure the circumference around the elbow with the arm slightly bent






23 - 26


9 - 10¼



27 - 29


10½ - 11½


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