SturdyFoot Gel Forefoot Metatarsal Ball of Foot Pads

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StudyFootTM  forefoot pads provide comfort to corns, hard skin, mortons neuroma and ball of the foot pain. They can be worn in sports and everyday footwear to relieve ball of foot pain. Perfectly shaped to give comfortable support to the ball of the foot Made with an extra soft Active Gel. The gel contains mineral oil which helps to hydrate the skin and can resolve hard skin and calluses on the ball of the foot It works by reducing the adverse effects of weight bearing and alleviates painful rubbing and friction on walking. Specifically designed absorbs shock, treat forefoot soreness, reduces pressure and friction associated with metatarsalgia, neuromas and subluxed metatarsal heads. Very useful as a preventative device for those who stand long hours on their feet.

Package Content: A pair of forefoot pads

People with Diabetes should consult their doctor or podiatrist before using this product.

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