3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles Arch Support Heel Cups

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StudyFootTM 3/4 length orthotic insoles are made from strong, flexible and supportive E.V.A. They provides the functionality and stability of the full length insole but can be placed into all types footwear for men and women as they take less room and there is no need for trimming. The lateral cutaway design provides an easy fit for almost any type of shoe.


Strong, flexible and supportive E.V.A

Provide superior weight distribution and pressure equalization throughout the entire foot.

Provide more cushioning and pressure relief to the heel areas.

Help reduce and absorb shock with each step.

Waffle design sole for maximum aeration.

Indications for use:

Flat feet

Fallen arches

Pronationon towards the inner foot

Heel pain

Joint and muscular pain in

knees and back when walking

Plantar fasciitis

Heel spur

Arch and forefoot pain

Size Guide

M UK 4-6.5/ EU 38-39.5

L UK 7-9/ EU 40-43

XL UK 9.5-11/ EU 43.5-46

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Size M

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